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Client Subscriber Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions (‘Terms’) govern Your use of The Profit First Prophet Pty Ltd ACN 642 686 075 (‘Profit First Prophet’) platform and Profit First Prophet software as a service (‘Profit First Prophet Platform’).

The Profit First Prophet Platform is owned by Profit First Prophet and in these Terms, references to ‘We’, ‘Us, ‘Our’ and ‘Profit First Prophet’ refer to Profit First Prophet (unless otherwise indicated).

The Profit First Prophet is licensed to use the Profit First trademark .

In these Terms, references to ‘Client Subscriber’’, ‘You’ and ‘Your’refer to Client Subscribers of the Profit First Prophet Platform (unless otherwise indicated). References to Advisor Subscribers’ refer to professional advisors who are subscribers of the Profit First Prophet Platform who as part of their subscription with US are able to grant access to the Profit First Prophet Platform to Client Subscribers.

Your use of the Profit First Prophet Platform constitutes acceptance of these Terms (as revised from time to time) and these Terms constitute a binding agreement between You and Profit First Prophet which governs Your use of the Profit First Prophet Platform.

We may modify these Terms at any time and any such modification shall be deemed effective immediately upon notifying You of the same. Your continued use of the Profit First Prophet Platform shall constitute Your acceptance of the modified Terms.

By downloading, installing, accessing or using the Profit First Prophet Platform, You acknowledge You have read, understood and agree to be bound by these Terms. If You do not agree to these Terms You should uninstall and/or cease to access and use the Profit First Prophet Platform immediately.

The Profit First Prophet Platform allows Client Subscribers to, among other things, create cashflow forecasts (collectively, the ‘Content’).

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2. Client Subscriber warranties, undertakings and eligibility

3. Additional terms and conditions

4. Modification of these Terms

5. Prohibited uses

6. Account Registration

7. Your Role

8. Material

9. No Endorsement

10. Copyright and Intellectual Property

11. Client Subscriber information and security

12. Content

13. Consumer guarantee

14. Disclaimers

15. Limitation of liability

16. Indemnification

17. Force Majeure

18. Termination

19. Miscellaneous

Last updated November 2022